Heart Activation 2013

  • Do you struggle to concentrate during your meditations?

  • Do you need help listening to your heart’s guidance and hearing your soul’s calling?

  • Do you feel lost about your path and which way to go next?

  • Do you wish you could concentrate more easily on doing the work you love?

  • Do you mentally push yourself to concentrate out of fear you will be poor or lack safety if you don’t?

Conscious Souls Welcome!

This heart chakra activation is coming at a pivotal time in the history of our planet and of your life!

This year marks the beginning of a new 14 year cycle through the 7 major chakras. Beginning with the root chakra in 2013 and moving up towards the crown chakra over the next 7 years.

This heart chakra activation can set in motion new projects you feel passionate about that can take care of you and your family for generations. 

Allow the Angels and the loving embrace of the healer ascended master Jesus come to you to help you with:

  • Improving your ability to concentrate during your meditations
  • & While learning new subjects to increase your knowledge base
  • Clear your heart center of any remaining fears around self-esteem and creativity
  • Learn to feel your feelings to heal them

Receive an activation from the pure loving consciousness of the Ascended Master Jesus and Merlin as well as the Archangels of the Light to help ground on to the planet and in your life pure divine love energies.

As a bonus, this activation is said to help you concentrate not out of fear you may lack safety, but out of love.

Welcome back to a world where we create + concentrate out of Love.


November 21st 2013                   10AM PST / 1PM EST

& January 4th 2014                       7PM PST / 10PM EST

& MARCH 3 2014                            10 AM PST / 1PM EST

& APRIL 4 2014                                   7PM PST / 10PM EST




“The activation was great, it started out exactly at time, I felt lighter at the beginning, and became aware of my chakras starting with the ones on the bottom. After a few minutes the chakra in the palm of my left hand got activated and hotter as the time went by, the whole experience lasted about 15 minutes. During the two days that followed the activation I felt more calm and balanced, the meridians opened up, became a bit cooler. Again thank you for sharing the energy it made a difference.” Ramzi.

“…During the activation I felt such an overwhelming presence of love and a lightness all around me – I felt so very loved!!” Danielle T. New York.

I had an Amazing experience with Danielle’s Heart Activation {And, I’m not just saying this. I’m being completely honest here}. It truly was Amazing!  

When the session begun, I immediately felt this strong, vibrant, but soothing pulsating energy in my head, in my crown chakra, I felt this positive vibration coming in strong for over 30 minutes.  

Danielle Dove truly is an Energy worker!

I’ve never felt energy that strong from anyone.  While receiving the energy, I began to also receive clairvoyant messages about my career and personal life—what would be upcoming and how to move forward, as well as who I truly was and more clarity about my Divine Purpose.

 I felt and sensed Spirit speaking to me strongly while receiving the activation from Danielle.

I highly recommend signing up for her Heart Activation! Since receiving it, I’ve felt more joyful, uplifted and driven to move forward. It’s as if she has cleared and lighted-up the path before me.”

—Kristin Marie Rodriguez


WHERE: At a sacred site in the South of France

HOW: Remotely!  After 5+ years of doing distance energy healings and teaching others how to do it as well, I have seen the positive effects of energy healing with Ascended Masters and Angels.

When you open up to receive help from your beloved angels and guides, miracles abound!

They can come to you and activate parts of your light-body which need to be activated again in order to function properly.

I can’t stress enough how important this activation could be for you.  It is time to to reclaim the purest essence of who you truly are: a magnificent all loving being. Reclaim your heart and know that all will be well. You will be able to live and do as you please receiving approval and love from others around you. 




  • What you could create if you had the ability to concentrate more easily?

  • Living more fully in the present from your open smiling heart?

  • Feeling divine love all day long, no more loneliness or sense of being alone in your purpose.

    What’s left??


Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 2.51.08 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-04 at 3.32.29 PM


Q: What can I do to prepare for this activation?

A: Truly, you are already perfect and you don’t need to do anything to help you. Yet know the more issues/problems/questions you surrender to Jesus before the activation and throughout the 12 hours following, the more can be healed.

Q: What do you mean by surrender?

A: I mean to hand it over. Admit in your heart you need help with it. Pray about it. Trust in the angel’s ability to bring back the solution or take care of it completely. If your faith needs a boost,  the fastest way is to share stories of encounters with angels or read about it in books by Doreen Virtue or Sophie Burnham.

Q: Why are you doing two more activations, isn’t one enough?

A: Yes, one would be enough but the more you receive, the easier you will live + meditate with heart centered concentration. It is similar to doing a cleanse. Doing one is good but two or three and you feel even better!  I am also adding two more dates to channel the energies as much as I can to all participants who may join in at a later date.

Q: Do I have to be in meditation mode while receiving the activation?

A: Yes Jesus recommends you are sitting on a chair, your back straight and focused on receiving his energy.  It is in feeling the love that you will know it really worked for you.  Pay attention to signs after you sign up and up until the activation, you may be guided to turn off the phone + television, go for walks, or attend spiritual circles.  Whatever you feel nudged to start doing or stop doing, if you feel it might be hard to do, ask for help to follow through on the guidance. Remember you can ask for help for anything. Even to accomplish the very things you feel nudged to do!

Q: What do you mean by the ascension of the planet?

A: The planet is also moving through an ascension process. We have been in the solar plexus for many decades, which represents the control and heightened sense of security in developed countries (you can now remote control most of your lives with video cameras, cell phones and security alarms). Many less developed countries are experiencing young adults rebelling to have more power and control over their lives and the decision process. This part of the ascension process is absolutely normal but it can get out of control if not enough souls are also moving into the heart center.  The planet needs us to ground more into our heart and create from the heart. When we create from the heart, not only does our creations last over generations, but it also has the most impact on all who encounter it. Wouldn’t you want to create something that gives back to your grandchildren and beyond?  Learn to create a life from your heart with heart centered concentration and you will add love and light to the planet for generations to come!

Q: Why does my heart chakra need to be activated?

A: You were most likely born with a heart chakra already active. It is the following years during your childhood and beyond that your heart may have been dis-activated due to pressure from parents and teachers to do what you were told to do. You may have been curious to explore your world, but were often told ‘don’t do that’. You may have known all along what you would love to do later in life, but were told or challenged to do something else. With all the difference voices in your heart from various people you do love, it is challenging to hear and recognize the truth of your heart.  This heart chakra activation will ease your concentration so you can feel and know the truth when you meditate and when you are creating your life with spirit as your guide and helper.


Why + Where I received the activation:


Ask me more questions by emailing: HealingDove@gmail.com

About Danielle Dove:


As a channel for the angelic realm, she uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant abilities to heal and restore her client’s chakras and belief system within the mind, all with the assistance of ascended masters and archangels. She reads soul blueprints, Akashic records and voice channels messages from Archangels and other guides to awaken the spiritual woman, man or children to their own divine truth, whatever the seeming difficulties in their lives.

She is originally from the South of France, where she grew up on a farm with all kinds of fun animals, including horses, ducks, pigs and cows. She moved to Southern California when she was 13 and earned her Bachelor Degree from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in Environmental Studies and Geography.

After the passing of 3 close family members, her curiosity for the mystical world and energy healing intensified. Through training and years of practice, she has become a talented energy healer and spiritual development coach.

She offers TRANSFORMATIONAL ROOT CHAKRA MEDITATION classes online at Happy Soul eSchool, HEALING DOVE THERAPY™ for Root Chakra Clearing to Heal Money and Survival Issues, and private sessions for individuals or groups to activate your light body.

She lives in a fun, multi-generational home overlooking the golf course with her mother in law, brother in law, twin flame husband Dan, toddler Hayden, two dogs, a cat and a few avocado trees she grew from pit! You can find her rollerblading on the beaches of Santa Monica, California, under the Eiffel Tower in Paris or at a farmers market with her son on her back.

Her philosophy + purpose in life is to love all + shine brightly until energy + intuition is recognized as a legitimate form of medicine and healing.

She comes from a long lineage of doctors and award winning medical researchers and knows this time around her purpose is to help intuitive energy healing to be recognized and also cherished for its powers on the mind, body and spirit.

If you want to follow her, join her mailing list and receive two free gifts as welcome gifts:

For more information about Danielle Dove, please visit danielledove.com and receive Meditation Queen: Living It Manual, how to meditate all day to save time, eat less, communicate with the right words and use the elements of nature to release all feelings that cause inner turmoil. Thank you!

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